Friday, September 26, 2008

NEWS FLASH! Interconnection!

Voice and Movement Class -
an important discovery for this voice student.

Since I first began to seriously study voice at the University level, every vocal instructor I've crossed paths with has encouraged me to take a Voice and Movement class. A class like this is designed to aid in releasing tension in the body to facilitate the voice and the functions that need to happen to create beautiful sound, clearing away those that, consciously or unconsciously, get in the way of vocal production. Well, I had my first voice and movement class yesterday. Now, it just happened that I was in a fortunate position - ordinarily, this class is only available to graduates in the Drama department, but since I had the strong desire (and honestly the need) for this class and am willing to put in a lot of extra time for it in the first couple of weeks (and am also a graduate student), the instructors graciously allowed me admittance; the other students were also very welcoming.

I can't stress the importance of arts inter-collaboration enough. This is really a subject for a complete blog, but suffice it to say that I am a strong advocate of bringing together all the arts in collaborative ways. As a vocal performer, it seems obvious to me that instruction in drama and movement should be something that is automatically learned and applied, in addition to the standard vocal instruction, diction, and literature classes. However - somehow - the disciplines of music, drama, dance, and visual art can sometimes be exclusive. For example, when I did my undergraduate work at Cal State Fullerton, students outside the drama department were strongly discouraged from auditioning for the drama productions. Unfortunately, I no longer have enough time to audition for musicals or plays at UCIrvine, who has a much more open and inclusive Drama department.

Fortunately for me, I am able to experience this amazing class that is like a combination of yoga, Alexander Technique, vocal health and exercise, and movement derived from utmost flexibility (which is likewise a goal). I am so excited to be a part of something like this. Usually, all the mediums mentioned above are things only attainable as separate entities, sometimes difficult to find, and often requiring much from the pocketbook as well. Here is a great opportunity to experience something truly unique and helpful for my profession and my body, which will do wonderful things toward improving my vocal technique (and releasing my tension, of which I, like many singers, have quite a bit of). It's all about complete relaxation and using the freedom to attain vocal clarity. It's going to be great! And it's all about interconnection.

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